Our Story

The Journey and the Team


A Journey that began with the purpose of sharing the potential of the Impact Ecosystem!

Youth for Good emerges with the motivation of a group of young people who want to develop solutions to global problems, to share what they have learned on this path and to take the lead in systemic transformation for the good of the world. With this mission, the we started creating content on topics such as sustainability, climate crisis, gender equality, equality of rights at first with the help of series, movies and documentaries and shared educational events that we follow with young generations to inspire them. Because when we share what we know, we grow :)

Over time, we expanded the scope of the contents and focused on #jobsforgood which we shared job postings of organizations from the impact ecosystem, and took on the task of facilitating the activation of the youth on tackling global problems on a professional level. We also started to play an active role in this ecosystem with our full-time jobs. By the thought of "Only if we act collectively can we create a sustainable system.", we have stepped into a new period where we come together with communities and institutions that work to create positive impact. These meetings, which started with the exchange of ideas, information and content sharing, evolved over time into collaborations where we developed projects side by side. Glad it has evolved this way :)

Today, as an inclusive design studio, that believes in youth and positive impact; we continue to convey what we have learned through various projects and contents, to be an inspiration to the youth and to facilitate the systemic transformation.

Shall We Meet?

The Team

Kaya Demiral



Zülâl Karaman

Multidisciplinary Designer


Müge Gümüş

Multidisciplinary Designer


Boğaçhan Arslan

Impact Hacker


Inspiring People We Crossed Paths With

İdil Lopez


Şeyma Sağınç


Aleyna Koca


İnci Şardağ


Many thanks to our companions who took action with the belief of "Youth for Good" in the face of the problems they were concerned about, who were highly motivated to share what they learned with sincerity and pioneered change for the good of the world!

Once a Believer, Always a Believer!