Impact for Animals Workshop

The Impact for Animals Workshop is a workshop that addresses industrial animal husbandry and the problems it brings with it, and aims to raise awareness about the livestock sector by getting to the root of these problems.

As Youth for Good, we came together with young people who wanted to gain awareness and competence on animal rights and industrial animal husbandry in the workshop organized in partnership with Kafessiz Türkiye and enriched with Dr. Engin Arıkan's Industrial Animal Husbandry training and handful of interactive activities.

In the Impact for Animals Workshop we have organized to seek answers to the question "Why is animal rights and welfare a socially important issue?":


We had a pleasant introductory circle where we introduced ourselves and tried to identify our characters with farm animals.


With the 30-minute Industrial Animal Husbandry training, we learned basic information about the sector and went down to the root causes of the problem.


In the 2-part workshop, we redefined our individual understandings under the title "My Movement Space" and sought answers to the question "What does it mean to be cage-free for you?".


In the 2nd part of the workshop, the Realm of Ideas, we worked on developing ideas on activities that can be carried out on university campuses within the scope of the Kafessiz Türkiye (Cage-Free Turkey) Campaign.


With the closing circle, we evaluated the workshop and listened to the participants' reflections on their awareness and learning.

With the Impact for Animals Workshop:


We realized how many living beings we are talking about when we talk about animal rights.


We gained awareness about the negative conditions that many animals live in due to industrial animal husbandry.


We renewed our hopes by remembering that change is only possible together.


In order to be part of the solution, we took action and organized a rain of ideas!